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Hari Ni Another Milestone Achieve By Hj Chief

Hari ni another milestone achieve by Hj Chief Catering. We did a 400 pax CNY Catering di MAGIC Cyberjaya for thier Networking Day. It is our first catering with MAGIC after 3rd attempt. This time they love our Menu proposal for the Event.

Salmon Yee Sang
Fortune Cookies

White Fragrant Rice
Nyoya Fried Tenggiri Curry
Honey Lemon Chicken
Fried Oatmeal Prawns
Sambal Sotong Petai
Cantonese Mix Veg with Shitake Mushroom
Mixed Fruits
Chinese Tofu & Longan Cold Dessert
Ice cold Soda Herbs drink
Hot Chinese tea

Vegetarian Dish
- Vegetarian Lamb Curry
- Vegeterian Fish Sweet Sour
- Rendang Tauhu
- Potato Croquettes (no Onion)
- Cantonese Mix Veg with Shitake Mushroom (No Onion)