Pn Mahani Came To Hj Chief Catering Office

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Pn Mahani Came To Hj Chief Catering Office

Pn Mahani came to Hj Chief Catering office on 17 Sept last year to discuss on a 300pax wedding reception that was scheduled on 20th Dec. She even made the confirmation payment for the event. Due to the CMCO, the solemnization had to be rescheduled. Last 7 Jan 2021 she contacted me that pejabat agama has set the nikah date is on the 11th which is today but it has been reduced to 150 pax instead. Allah know best that we are still available for today. But this time its packed food instead of buffet. Meja beradab still proceed.

Alhamdulillah, the couple succesfully solemnized today.

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